Monday, February 15, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

My Simple Woman' s Daybook
For Today
February 15, 2010

Outside my window…Tommy, our adopted kitten, is lying on a horse blanket.
I am thinking…I want a new pet.
I am thankful for…the pets that I have.
I am wearing…blue jeans and a navy blue shirt.
I am remembering…yesterday.
I am going…to go and watch chicks hatch as soon as I am done doing Simple Woman's Daybook.
I am reading…the New Testament.
I am hoping…I can go on a horse ride today.
On my mind…is Dot, my good horse.
From the learning rooms…I am learning/reviewing Object of Prepositions.
Noticing is sunny outside.
Pondering these words…be thankful.
From the kitchen…the counter is full of clean dishes, the dishwasher is running and I am typing. Quiet day huh? I enjoy the quiet sometimes.
Around the house…Katie is doing math, Matthew and Justin are gone working, Papa is at his office, Sam is fussing, Mom is about to get Sam, Lucas is putting a movie in for Larah, Larah is going to watch a movie and I am typing.
One of my favorite things…is buying new stuff for my pets.
From my picture journal…
My mom is in the middle. Isn't she as pretty as can be? She is still as pretty as can be.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

My Simple Woman's Daybook
For Today
February 8, 2010

Outside my window…Joe is lying on our porch.
I am thinking...I want to surprise someone.
I am thankful for…Honey, Lucas' pony.
I am wearing…a light blue, light orange, pink, gray, dark blue, dark hot pink, and bright green, striped long-sleeve shirt.
I am remembering…yesterday.
I am going…to keep blogging.
I am reading…Wild Horses.
I am hoping...I can play outside today.
On my mind…is a mistake I made yesterday.
From the learning rooms…I am learning how to right letters properly.
Noticing that…it is sunny outside today.
Pondering this word…surprises.
From the kitchen…I am blogging, the dishwasher is going, and there is a table full of laundry...we don't have the smallest table either.
Around the house…Katie and Matthew are gone, Lucas is trying to talk Mom into letting him go outside, I am blogging, Mom and Larah are about to go take a nap and Papa is at his office.
One of my favorite things… is jumping horses or ponies.
From my picture journal…

Here is our camping toilet. Isn't it awesome? I think this is the girl's one.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a few Random Sentences

I sold all of my fish and the tank. I sold the tank for $30 and the fish for about $2 altogether. I was going to save up for a dog. But my parents thought that it is not the best idea right now. Not until we get a bigger house, a fence or more property. So now I am saving up for a parakeet. I just hope I can get one. I have not talked to my papa yet. I would want a purple or blue & gray parakeet.

My horse almost jumped a 2 feet jump yesterday. She knocked 1 side of the jump down with her back feet. She got me excited. I am going to try to get my school done before 2:30pm. so that Lucas and I can go outside and ride horses until dark. Hopefully I can get her to jump without knocking down anything.

We ate French toast and milk for breakfast. It was a good breakfast. I do not know what we are having for lunch. I want meat.

We adopted a male kitten about a month ago. He showed up one day, we fed him and he has not left. He is a cream colored cat. We named him Tommy. If we keep him we need to get him fixed. He is so playful. I think he tries to rule our other two female cats. Yesterday evening I was getting ready to come in from outside. When I was headed to the porch I heard a cat fight on the porch. Just seconds later one of our female cats ran from the porch then came Tommy just kind of running like kittens do. He looked happy. They were very funny.

I have seven subjects. They are Math, Geography/Science/History, Spelling, Typing, Reading, Easy Grammar and Piano. I have quite a few. I like most of them. Most of the time they are fun.

Good Excitement


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Simple Women's Daybook

My Woman's Daybook
For Today
February 1, 2010

Outside my window…is Tommy, our adopted kitten.
I am thinking…about a party my mom is hoping to have.
I am thankful for…my brown, white, and black Appaloosa.
I am wearing…a dark blue & light blue striped shirt.
I am remembering…last night.
I am going…to earn $30 today or tomorrow.
I am reading…Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision.
I am hoping…I get the $30 today.
On my mind…the drawing I did yesterday representing my papa's sermon.
From the learning rooms…I am learning about adverbs in Easy Grammar. I found out I like adverbs.
Noticing that…it looks quite cold outside.
Pondering these words...Matthew 7:24-27.
From the kitchen…Mom is helping Lucas with math, I am typing and the dishwasher is going. I don't know where it wants to go. It has not gone anywhere yet.
Around the house…Sam, Katie and Larah are sleeping, I am blogging, Lucas is doing math, Papa is at his office, Justin is at the mill, Mom is cleaning and Matthew is sitting on the window sill.
One of my favorite things…dreaming of a new pet.
From my picture journal…
Me & my good friend Audrey Goodrich.

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