Sunday, May 15, 2011

At a "Loss for Words"

I am at "loss for words". I don't really know what to write, so I'll just write as I think about stuff. Um.... right now our house is trashed, a good sign that mom hasn't been home for a while, hehe. It's wet and cold outside. We heard lightning and saw thunder last night, oh wait... heard thunder and saw lightning. It was awesome, me and my mom were in the car when the lightning did whatever it is lightning does and we went nuts."Out of excitement" that is. It was pouring down rain, not just rain but "rain" The fun kind of rain. The kind of rain you have to turn your radio up real loud if you want to hear anything. The kind that bounces off the road an inch or two! Now the rain's back to normal, messy, cold, no fun rain. :( Yesterday, I was sleeping peacefully outside on an old air mattress that was half way full of air, so you just sunk in, all asleep dreaming cozily when Katie comes up and jumps on it. Woke me up out of a dream, how irritating. Ummmm... Sam got his hair cut. No, wait, he got more than one cut, he got 'em all cut, really short! Wowsers! I hope it grows back fast! I'm still at a "loss for words", guess I'll be done blogging for now and go do something else.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Future Puppy!!!

It has been forever since I wrote on my blog, I am sorry! Well, let's get on with the story! For about a year I've been hoping and saving for a Brittany Spaniel puppy. I have had lots of heart break, getting my hopes too high to get a puppy and it didn't work out. :( I am in contact with a breeder in Tacoma, WA. They are asking $300 for a deposit and $600 in all. This is the cheapest dog I've found from a breeder! I have learned the hard way to stick with breeders not just any person. So, these puppies are due to be born on May 24 and they are going to be ready to leave about mid-July. I am asking prayer that this might be the one puppy I've been waiting for. I hope to be writing on my blog more often, now that schools back in and I started blogging again. I forgot how fun it is to write. :)