Friday, March 6, 2009

God is Amazing

A little bit before Sam was born I went to Longview and Portland with my papa. We went to a lot of different places. Our very last stop was a Christan Book Store. All day I had been looking for a little stuffed animal for Baby Sam. Anyway, at this Christan Book Store there were some animals but they just weren't the type I wanted. There were a few but they were too expensive for me. There was one animal that was very much so what I wanted. And before I looked at the price I prayed to God and asked him to make it in my price range which was $5. After I prayed I looked at the price and it was $4.98. Is God amazing of what? Actually when the lady at the counter rung it up it was somewhere around $4.80. GOD IS AMAZING!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Lovely Horse

My horse is an amazing animal. Her name is Dot. She is a brown Appaloosa with a white bottom with brown spots. She makes me very, very happy. I don't know what got me thinking about jumping but for some reason I thought about jumping. Anyway I set two round logs up and then I got a long stick and I put one end on one log and put the other end on the other log. And she is a good jumper. She cannot jump very high, maybe 2 ft. She also will be laying down in the field and I will go and sit on her and make her stand up while I am on her. She is lots of fun.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here are my List of Answers for the 30 Random Quesains fo my 30th Bog

#1 Brown
#2 Horse
#3 No
#4 May29
#5 No
#6 No
#7 None
#8 Christmas
#9 Yes
#10 A horse, a cat, a gecko, a lizard, 12 fish, and a bird (Don't I have a good life?)
#11 Yes I love myself
#12 Cookie Dough
#13 Brown
#14 NO!
#15 Yes
#16 Tangerine
#17 Right now school
#18 Yes
#19 Whoppers
#20 Yes
#21 Yes
#22 Casserole and apple pie
#23 Brown
#24 Yes
#25 Typing
#26 No
#27 Yes
#28 Yes
#29 No
#30 Am I ever going to finish a project that I've started?