Monday, September 27, 2010

Tons of Tiny Stories (actually only seven)

Today my father, Lucas, and Matthew drove out of the driveway at 4:07 a.m. for Arkansas, Early huh? They are coming home on Saturday, probably late. Mom, Katie, Larah, Sam, Abbie, and I are left alone to fend for ourselves. Our awesome neighbors aren't even home.

My brother moved out on the 19 of September, Sad :( I got my own room. It worked out perfect. Before my brother moved out, Matthew and Justin were in one room. Sam and Lucas were in another and Katie, Larah, and I were a room. Of course, Mom, Dad and Abbie were in a room. When Justin moved out that all changed to my benefit. Larah and Katie have the room I shared with them. Lucas and Sam moved into Matthew's room and I moved into Lucas and Sam's room. Mom, Abbie, and Dad stayed in their boring old room. When Abbie is old enough she will move in with my two sisters.

Saturday my friends Steve Hargrove and Lisa Herman got married. Yippe. It was a good wedding. Lots and lots of people were there. That is the most people I think I have ever seen in our church building.

I had my first piano lesson of fall. It was good and hard. I now have to, no.........GET to, practice every day except Sunday and Saturday. It will be good, fun, and hard. I am in a second grade book, that is all technique, no fun. Then I do have a few books that are fun. After I get through the second grade book I get to go on to fun, fun, fun, fun, fun stuff.

My brother Sam turned eighteen months yesterday. He is too cute. Sometimes I can't even stop looking at him. We looked at baby pictures of my dad when he was around that age and he looks exactly like Sam. It is amazing how much they look alike. Sam has this thing where he will call mama, mama, mama, mama, mama until she'll answer him. He's funny.

I started school today. I have quite a few subjects. I have Math, Typing, Reading, Science, History, Geography, Spelling, and Piano.

Well my time is up so I must go and get ready to go to downtown Randle. We are going to party!