Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Few Funny Jokes From Reader's Digest

How do you know you're in the
presence of a real Coloradan?
He caries a his $3,000 mountain
bike atop his $500 car.

Lewis Black on Boston traffic:
"The last person to get across
the town under three hours
was yelling, 'The British are
coming! the British are coming!

What do you call 40 guys
watching the Super bowl
on television? The Detroit Lions

(New Mexico)
Traveling outside Taos, a man
comes upon a Native American
lying in the middle of the road
with his ears pressed against
the blacktop. "What are you
doing?" asks the man. The
tribesman replies, "Woman late
30's, three kids, one barking dog
in late model, four-door station
wagon, traveling at 65 mph."
"Amazing you can tell all that
just by listening to the ground?"
"No." says the Native American.
"They just ran over me over five
minutes ago."

Four women are driving across
the country together each one from
a different state: Idaho, Nebraska,
Montana, and California. Shortly after
the trip begins, the woman from Idaho
pulls out potatoes from her bag and
throws them out the window. " What
are you doing ?" asked the Nebraskan.
"We have so many of these things in
Idaho, I'm sick of looking at them."
A moment later, the gal from Nebraska
pulls ears of corn from her bag and tosses
them out of the window . "What are you
doing ?" asks the gal from Montana."We
have to many of these things in Nebraska,
I'm sick of looking at them." Inspired, the
Montanan opens the car door an kicks the
Californian out.

That is my favorite.
And I will have more later,
but I have to go now.