Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Believe it or not, we got snow Tuesday. It snowed most of the day. It was fun because we got the day off of school. Papa had the day off of school too. Lucas, Matthew, Papa, Mom and I played a game called Settlers of Catan. I will blog about that some other day. We played in the snow for awhile. We put Lucas's skis on and put some hay string on Joe. He pulled me and Lucas back and forth on Morris Rd. We had a fun day. We also went to the Pollman's farm and fed the cows and the horses. Papa, Lucas, Matthew, Larah and I all went. Mom had a pretty quiet house...only Mom and Katie were at the house. While we were at the farm Lucas and I went through the hay tunnel. We went in one side and came out the other. And guess what? is raining all day today.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Joe is our neighbor's dog. He is a male, hyper, strong, black lab. He adopted us. Hey, it's a good deal. We have a dog and don't have to feed it or take care of it. All we have to do is love him and he'll stick around. Boy-O- Boy is he fun. We hook him up to the sled and have him pull us. He can pull me and I am almost 100 pounds. All you have to do is throw something and he'll move. And boy does he move fast. We also hook him up to the sled and have him pull our hay into the horse pen. When we are playing outside and when he is out there, we tackle him. He is a good dog. He makes it easy to be with him...when he is hooked up to the sled. And when you are just with him.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I Have in Common With my Big Brother Justin

#1 We both like to draw.
#2 We both are musical.
#3 We both have brown eyes.
#4 We both have the best mom in the world.

#5 We both have the best papa in the world.
#6 We both like Audrey.
#7 We both are the oldest of our gender.
#8 Neither of us have any body piercings...YET.
#9 We both have 5 siblings, almost 6.
#10 We both have become Christans.

I love him and he loves me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen (Plus One)

Thirteen of my Pets (plus one more)

#1 I have an Anole (lizard)
#2 I have a Calico (cat)
#3 I have a Canary (bird)
#4 I have a Appaloosa (horse)
#5 I have a Rosy Barb (fish)
#6 I have another Rosy Barb (fish)
#7 I have another Rosy Barb (fish)
#8 I have a Platy (fish)
#9 I have another Platy (fish)
#10 I have a Fancy Finned Gold Fish (black fish)
#11 I have another Fancy Finned Gold Fish (black fish)
#12 I have a Catfish (fish)
#13 I have another Catfish (fish)
#14 I have a Leopard Gecko (gecko)