Tuesday, August 2, 2011

....More Stories.....

Ok, I have a few stories about my pup.

#1 I was sleeping with my puppy in my bed and I have it set up as a couch against the wall so it's like a little shoe box. Well, as some of you know I don't wake up easy. My dog learned that I don't wake up easy so she decided that she wanted to bite my back to get me up. lol. To tell the truth it took quite a few bites to actually get me up.
#2 My brother and I are addicted to this show called Prison Break. So one night we were watching this show when four men ran across the screen....my dog was off my lap and trying to get in her kennel which was locked.
#3 Last night we were watching Num3ers and there was a gun fight. She didn't run off my lap and head toward her kennel but she kept cocking her head back and forth. She couldn't figure it out. Oh man was it funny to watch.

Sad to say that's all the stories I can think of right now.

To be continued.....