Friday, March 28, 2008

A Walk with my Mom

My mom, my little sister, and I went on a walk about two weeks ago. It was a nice day. It was the only nice day we have had in the last three weeks. I picked two daffodils. I gave one to a friend of mine and the other one is in our window sill dying. I need to throw it out. While we were on our walk we looked at a little creek. It was beautiful. And then we looked at a really ugly pond like thing on the side of the road. It had a lot of algae in it and no living creatures.

Hey Mom, thanks for letting me walk with you.

My Cat

I got my cat when I was 4 years old. I have had her for six years. The story on her is that my dad went to go visit some friends on his way home from his school in Vancouver. He came home and told Matthew to get his dirty clothes out of his bag because he had spent the night with his friends. He did not have dirty clothes. He had a cat and when Matthew opened the bag the cat climbed out of it. Matthew named her Precious. I had the saddest face on when two cats did not jump out. Then my dad said, "Oh, I forgot my computer at their house." So he went back and of course he had to get another cat, not his computer. When my dad got home he told me to get his computer out of his bag, so I did and another cat popped out. I named her Elisha. She is so pretty.

She always comes for breakfast when I shake her food bowl. She reads with me in our hammock for thirty minutes. She eats lunch with me. The funny part is that she eats what I eat a lot of the time. Once I had soup and it had cooked carrots in it. I cannot stand cooked carrots but my cat loves them. So I gave all the cooked carrots to her. She had a pretty good lunch and was very happy. Sorry Mom.