Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a Little Respect!!!

We went to Packwood today to go visit the Flea Market... Mom had taken the kids to the park after we had walked through everything and by the time we got done both her and I were thirsty so she sent me to go find something to drink. So I was walking down the main street in Packwood and this Law Enforcement truck was driving down the road, and this group of guys started booing and yelling at this cop. I'll tell you one thing, that bothered me more than I would ever have imagined, I'm still hot!!! I don't see how someone could have such disrespect toward someone who spends long hours, everyday away from their family trying to protect the people of their community!!!! I honestly don't get it!!! And I don't want to sound like some naggy whatever that doesn't know anything, and I think that's probably how I'm starting to sound, but seriously, I can't even begin to imagine what those cops have to go through everyday, nonstop!!! And then after a long day to hear someone yelling at you and booing you, it just doesn't seem right!!! Forget the "seem", it's "not" right!!! And sure, they'll give you a ticket, and sometimes you'll get that one cop that is completely self centered, but usually it's just an officer doing his duty to keep people safe! So... I'm not saying you have to have tons of respect but please, have a little. I give my thanks and respect to all those who risk their lives every day!!! Ok.... I've said all I have to say, and if you want to get anything out of this... have a little respect and don't "boo" cops while I'm around!!!

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