Monday, April 16, 2012

Simply Listening

I was laying in my bed two nights ago and I thought to myself, "I haven't been praying daily" So, trying to pray I shortly found my brain being all jumbled together and I couldn't think a clear thought to save my life, and so I was wondering how or what I should pray to just explain everything I was feeling to God and while in the middle of trying to do this I was listening to a cd and it was on shuffle, so this song came on, and every word in that song said exactly how I was feeling! It was just an "ah ha" moment, kinda like the light bulb just turned on. So, the song passed and I meant to blog yesterday about the whole thing but I never got the chance to do it, so I just dropped it and didn't really worry about writing anything about it... and then I turned that same cd on last night still on shuffle and the song I heard the night before was the first song that played and those words were still the words on my heart... I think when God puts something on our heart we need to say it and if we shy away he just gives us another opportunity to share what we're feeling. "If you listen you will hear, if you plug your ears and go, "lalalalalala" you're never going to hear anything!!!"

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Mari said...

Sometimes stopping and listening is the part of praying that needs to happen more than us rambling. It's awesome to see you listening to His still small voice.